Hi! I'm Stef AKA Lafume AKA Captain Pennies AKA Run me my $$$

Yo! Wassupppppp

Hiii! If you don't know me, my name is Stephen Lafume (Ste-fen) and I'm one of the founding members of Psycho. When it comes to Psycho's messaging of doing you despite other people's thoughts I think I'm a whooooole walking embodiment of it. I'm an entrepreneur because I didn't want anyone telling me what to do and the idea of building something that belonged to me (and the fam) successes and failures really got me going. I am also an activist because I love people, all people no matter what label society puts on them. Being people I believe everyone deserves to be happy without any unnecessary obstacles like racism, access to education, sexuality, immigration status, and etc. Therefore I actively resist these isms and injustices so just know most of my blog post are going to be about those things. I also love, love, love, seeing people striving and being the best versions of themselves so I'll also be posting about how I do that in my life. Besides that I know you must be wondering about all my monikers but you'll have to check out my other blog post if you wanna know how I got them.

By: Lafume AKA Captain Pennies AKA Run me my $$$